Musical Director

Sarah Monteith

Founded in 2007, ReSound Community Choir has always been a community, one that has grown in strength and numbers over the years. Sarah was one of the founding members with Shaun and a number of others, giving performances for friends and family in aid of local good causes. 

As the choir grew it became clear that a conductor was needed, and Sarah stepped out of the alto section to fulfil this role. As a teacher she had the skills necessary to begin to lead the choir and gradually ReSound grew to the numbers and strength we see today, adding ReFresh Youth Choir and ReMix Voices along the way!

Sarah's belief is that everyone can sing, and everyone has a right to have a voice. She welcomes anyone to the choir, and always manages to take them a step further than they thought they could go. 

She also hates trying to write things about herself for the website, so here's some pictures intead!



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